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How Your Business Can Be Limited By Commercial Water Damage | SERVPRO® of Van Nuys South

10/21/2022 (Permalink)

a zoomed in view of a wooden floor showing signs of water damage SERVPRO of Van Nuys South is your local commercial restoration company. We will always be here to help and get you back in business.

Water damage that affects your commercial property can severely impact your day-to-day operations. Usually, flooding comes from an internal source like burst pipes or a leaking roof, but other causes like backed-up sewage and broken sprinklers also occur.

However, water damage can also come from a natural cause. While this may not be extremely common here in California, it’s important to prepare regardless. Our infrastructure is less prepared to handle natural flooding, so being unprepared when one arrives near Van Nuys could exacerbate the damage.

Knowing what moves to make before a disaster can help you prevent extra damage and recover faster. Utilize these tips to guide you in your restoration journey.

Know Your Building’s Layout

It’s important for you to find and remember the various water cutoff spots around your property, such as the main valve and sprinkler cutoff. Multiple people should have this knowledge, so there’s always someone who can handle the situation nearby.

Know the Types of Water Involved

The severity of water damage is almost always determined by the amount of water and the type of water involved. Understanding the threat you face can help you make the best choices for your business and its employees.

White water: This type of water most commonly results from plumbing problems. It’s not considered contaminated and is safe to handle yourself in small amounts.

Gray water: Sink drains and toilet tank overflows produce this type of flooding. The water is contaminated but not considered dangerous.

Black water: Sewage backups and storm flooding are common sources of highly contaminated black water. Always call in a professional to deal with this type of toxic water damage.

Take Action Quickly

Work fast to try to shut down the water source so you can limit the impact. Then begin circulating air by opening windows and doors. It’s also important for you to alert everyone of the affected areas so that they can be avoided.

Afterward, take time to document any visible damage so that you can expedite the insurance claims process and have plenty of evidence to assist your restoration provider.

Remember to Be Patient

Any damage you can see is just one part of the whole dilemma. Hidden water damage comes in many forms, some being soaked studs and compromised support frames.

Call SERVPRO of Van Nuys South when you face water damage in your business. Our experts are highly trained and have experience dealing with every kind of commercial damage. We are on call 247 and will work continuously to get you back in business.

When disaster strikes your commercial property, we’ll be there to help clean up and get you back in business quickly. Reach out 247 to get started!

How Commercial Damage Can Affect Your Business | SERVPRO® of Van Nuys South

6/16/2022 (Permalink)

a large commercial building with extensive damage to roof and siding SERVPRO of Van Nuys South is your local commercial disaster team. Contact us to learn more about our commercial damage restoration services.

In the United States, we pride ourselves on the success of our businesses and our economy. Every single person utilizes a business, or multiple, in daily life.

The men and women who run our country’s businesses have a lot to handle, from managing daily operations to handling the complex economics of the company that customers never see. So when a disaster strikes, it can really put a damper on the business and have dire consequences for the owners.

We’ve witnessed a steady increase in natural disaster damage as time goes on. The NCEI reported that over the last five years in the United States, there was approximately $153 billion worth of damage annually, which is a meaningful jump from the last period of data.

Thankfully, we’ve collected some important information on the most common causes of commercial damage around the country, and we hope that it can help you better prepare your business for a disaster.

<h2damage">Water Damage

High levels of moisture and water are constantly a threat to businesses in every part of our country. These issues can arise from nature or can be manmade or a result of a simple appliance malfunction, but every kind of water damage is capable of doing serious destruction.

When flooding begins outside the structure, like a flash flood, water will often find its way inside through the seals on the doors and windows. If possible, it’s a good idea to landscape your surrounding area so that it directs water away from the building, as prevention is always the best way to reduce damage.

However, water damage doesn’t always happen quickly, as minor leaks inside the building can cause major problems over time. It’s smart to routinely check your plumbing for leaks, and your walls and floors for warping or change in color.

<h2damage">Storm Damage

Storms are the next leading cause of damage to businesses, and it’s because the destruction can be widespread. While most leaks only damage one building, a storm has the potential to destroy entire blocks of businesses.

Even small storms are able to disrupt the power grid and tear trees out of the ground that can wreak havoc on a building’s structure. More powerful storms are capable of ripping commercial roofing off and even doing irreversible structural damage to the property.

It is true that most storms have winds ranging between 10 to 45 mph, and these winds usually cause minor damage. But strong storms like the kind we see during spring and summer can create winds of over 100 mph. Storms like these will frequently pull walls down and even throw vehicles around like toys.

Many businesses opt for storm-protective window and door covers or strengthening the roof, but preventive tactics like these can become expensive very quickly.

Fortunately, you can also perform simple tasks to better prepare for storms and reduce the potential for destruction and costly repairs. This includes checking the seals on your windows and doors and inspecting your building’s plumbing regularly as acts of prevention.

Before a storm, it can also be helpful to take time to clear your property of any potential hazards that could uproot and hit people or property.

<h2who-to-call">Know Who to Call

Commercial damage happens in many different ways, but water and storm damage are the most common in the United States. Unfortunately, these events frequently cause businesses to close for repairs, and can even force a permanent closure if the business owner is unable to overcome the damage.

We understand this and to help we offer 247 availability so that we can be there whenever you may need us. Our restoration professionals will walk you through every step and help you develop the right restoration plan for your business’ needs.

If you have experienced damage to your business or want to learn more about our commercial damage restoration services, contact us today. We’re here to act fast, 247.

Commercial Roof: Owner Inspections and What To Look For

2/3/2022 (Permalink)

Workers installing concrete tiles on the roof while roofing house in construction site A roof leak can evolve into a detrimental problem for a business of any size, if you need help, contact SERVPRO!

Owner Inspections And What To Look For On A Commercial Roof

Most business owners would rather spend time worrying about strategy and promotions rather than property inspections and maintenance issues. However, if neglected, small problems can turn into big issues. For instance, a small roof leak can lead to mold and even potential collapse if not remedied. To prevent this, owners can perform simple inspections that are meant to find small areas of concern before a disaster occurs.

1. Flashing and Seals

Wind damage is a common cause of flashing and sealant issues. In strong storms, the flashing can be pulled away from the sealant which will eventually lead to leaks. When inspecting your roof, look for areas where the flashing has been torn away and be sure to reseal these areas promptly.

2. Standing Water

While puddling doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a roof leak, it is likely the step before it happens. Puddling occurs when there are issues with the sheathing. It is possible that sheathing bows due to age, but water damage is also a contributor. If you see standing water on your roof, it may be a sign that you need professional assistance.

3. Bubbles

When walking your roofline, be on the lookout for bubbling. If you see bubbles, it likely indicates that there is a weak or old seal somewhere close. Tiny air bubbles mean that water is seeping beneath the shingles and possibly beneath the underlayment.

If you have significant concerns, you can contact a disaster remediation specialist in the Valley Glen, CA, area to seek further assistance and possible solutions. These companies have a lot of experience in water-related issues and can help.

A roof leak can evolve into a detrimental problem for a business of any size, but it is a problem that can most often be avoided by vigilant and routine inspections. Keep an eye out for damaged flashing, standing water and bubbling so you can attempt to rectify a problem before it becomes a full-blown disaster.

What To Know About Furnace Maintenance

11/29/2021 (Permalink)

Burned kitchen after fire caused by cigarettes Unfortunately, sometimes fire or smoke damage can occur from a furnace. In events like these, you can count on SERVPRO, call us!

What You Should Know About Furnace Upkeep

Properly maintaining your furnace in your Lake Balboa, CA, home may be able to help you prevent a costly accident, and the need for fire cleaning afterward. Fortunately, there are some easy maintenance steps that can be taken with most furnaces.

Steps You Can Take

If your furnace seems to be malfunctioning there are several things that could be wrong. Some of the most basic causes are things you can check for yourself.

• A fuse may be blown, or a circuit tripped causing the unit to lose power
• The thermostat may have been turned off
• The power switch may have been turned off
• On gas units, the pilot light may be out

When to Call a Professional

Calling a professional can not only help ensure that the furnace is serviced by someone familiar with it’s unit type, but may help you prevent the necessity of a fire cleaning down the road. If you are unsure what the problem is, or find a fuse blown on several occasions, it is best to call a professional for repair. If you smell gas then quickly exit your home and call your gas company or fire department. Do not try to turn on any lights or turn the gas off yourself.

If You Do Experience Problems

Unfortunately, sometimes fire or smoke damage can occur from a furnace. In events like these a fire damage and restoration professional may be able to help with any smoke cleaning and repairs your home may need. At that time, you may want to have your furnace repaired or replaced by a professional as well.

You can follow some basic steps to keep an eye on your furnace's maintenance needs. While some may be things you can do yourself, others should be done by a professional familiar with the furnace type. If the furnace does malfunction then a restoration and fire cleaning professional may be able to help with your home’s needs.

How To Salvage Water Damaged Documents

11/3/2021 (Permalink)

Books protected from water damage SERVPRO can help you with any water damage in your business, call us and we will answer your needs immediately.

How To Recover Documents That Have Been Flooded

Even in the current age of digital records, it is likely that you still house some important paper files at your business in Van Nuys South, CA. When flooding occurs, what becomes of the wet documents?

What Types of Records Can Be Saved?

Depending on the severity of the flooding it is possible for a wide range of paper documents to be saved. Although not all papers may be salvageable, you increase the likelihood of restorable contents when you take immediate action. The following items may benefit from the document drying process:

  • Paper documents including personnel files, contracts or manuscripts
  • Commercial property blueprints or facility maps
  • Photographs, archival microfiche or film
  • Collections of magazines or books

What Document Drying Methods Are Used?

Restoration specialists use a multitude of professional cleaning and drying techniques to recover wet documents:

  • For storm water and sewage exposure, documents need to be disinfected and sanitized. Items are sterilized using gamma irradiation.
  • Some papers respond best to air drying or a dehumidifying environment.
  • Vacuum freeze drying is an advanced technological process used for antique papers or irreplaceable books. First the documents are frozen, then the air pressure is reduced causing remaining moisture to evaporate. Large quantities of items can be dried simultaneously.
  • Vacuum thermal drying is a quicker process than freeze drying, but it also may distort some materials. This less expensive method is best for common papers where the state of the dried product is not as critical.
  • While not a drying method, the process of digitizing documents is useful. Rather than restoration to a physical item, the documents are available as computer files that can be stored and backed up for future use.

When flooding strikes your commercial property in Van Nuys South, CA, wet documents are not necessarily lost forever. A variety of professional methods are available to save your important business files, photographs or book collections.

Why Is the Roof Damaged and What Can I Do?

10/14/2021 (Permalink)

A roof in reconstruction If your commercial building is damaged by fire, SERVPRO is always ready to help you. Call us today!

What Can I Do About The Roof Damage?

Fires can do strange things to commercial buildings in Van Nuys South, CA. The flames may burn away parts of your walls and roofing. However, roof damage isn't always directly caused by the fire. No matter the direct cause of the damage, you need to start the fire cleanup as soon as possible. You can call in experts in fire restoration to help you through the process. These individuals will know how to clean up damage caused by fire, smoke and firefighters.

Taking Care of Roof Damage After a Fire

When it comes to your roof, you may want to act quickly to ensure other parts of your commercial building are not negatively affected.

• Cover holes. You can use tarps and boards to cover the holes in your roof and keep the elements out. Hiring a company that does tarp services makes this project easy.

• Start repairs. Roof repair is often a major part of a cleanup process. Get a contractor in as soon as possible to start looking at the damage and figuring out a repair plan.

• Call your insurance company. In some cases, the damage caused due to a fire may be covered under your commercial insurance policy. Call your agent to find out what your next step should be.

As you go through the fire cleanup process, almost every surface of your office will be touched.

Understanding the Damage

Some of the damage done to your roof may have been caused by firefighters. They often put holes in walls and roofs to increase ventilation. The fact is increasing ventilation helps slow a fire's growth and makes it easier to manage. With the holes in place, dark smoke can leave the building and give the emergency responders better vision. The holes make it easier to save your property and make sure no one is left inside the smoldering building.

Quick action is important when it comes to fire cleanup. This is especially true when making repairs to a roof.

Why Is There So Much Water Damage After a Fire?

9/30/2021 (Permalink)

Smoke on the glass modern building Fire damage and water damage tend to go hand in hand in these situations, and SERVPRO can help you in both case.

When A Fire Occurs, Why Is There So Much Water Damage?

A fire broke out in your commercial building in Lake Balboa, CA. When you go to assess the damage with a fire restoration professional, you're surprised to see that fire damage isn't all that has affected your property. Water stains the walls and floor. While fire can be detrimental to a structure, the water used to put out the flames can do just as much damage. You may notice water damage on your

  • Drywall
  • Furniture
  • Computers
  • Equipment
  • Flooring

Anything in a building that has caught fire could be damaged by the waters used to quench the flames. It may seem odd that these two sources of destruction come as a package deal, but they do and for good reason.

It's a Necessity

While it stinks that the fire hose spouts out so much damaging water, it is a necessary part of putting out a fire. If left alone, the flames could sweep through your entire building and spread to any structures nearby. The fire could leave you with a skeleton of your former office, so firefighters use loads of water to ensure the flames are stopped.

Unfortunately, the saving waters play another role in your property. It also fills your building, soaks your belongings and touches almost every surface.

It Needs To Be Addressed

Fire damage and water damage tend to go hand in hand in these situations. Both types of destruction need to be taken care of as soon as possible. If the water is allowed to sit untouched in your warehouse, you may come back to disintegrated belongings and mold-covered walls. The sooner you get a team of water and fire remediation experts in the sooner your business can go back to normal.

Fire damage rarely shows up in a commercial building on its own. When flames engulf your business, you may also have to deal with damage done by the water used to put the fire out.

Rental Safety 101: Stop Mold in Its Tracks

7/23/2021 (Permalink)

Mold growth starting to spread from the bottom moving up on a wall Mold growth in Lake Balboa, CA property.

Stop Mold in Its Tracks with Rental Safety 101

There are few household problems that set off more alarm bells than the discovery of mold. The best way to deal with mold growth in your Lake Balboa, CA, rental home is to stop it from ever happening by practicing safe mold prevention techniques. There are many reasons to monitor your rental for signs of mold:

  • You can avoid the unpleasant sights and smells of a mold growth
  • You want to minimize exposure to side effects of mold
  • You may be found liable for repair costs, depending on the cause of the mold and the structure of your lease

By carefully checking your rental home regularly and creating an environment that is not mold-friendly, you can save yourself the headaches of a mold outbreak.

Find Potential Sources Immediately

Mold growth flourishes in damp environments, so the most common source of the fungus is water damage from leaks and spills. Be sure to clean up any spills in your rental home immediately before they have a chance to seep into the baseboards where mold can develop. If you see signs of a leak in your ceiling or walls, such as damp or soft spots, you should find the source and address it immediately. Shut off water at your main line and locate the leak yourself or contact a service professional to prevent it from spreading.

Eliminate the Climate Mold Needs

With the leak stopped, you should focus on making your place as inhospitable to mold as possible. Dry air is key to mold prevention, so you want to remove as much moisture from the air as possible. An air conditioner in the summer will help to suck moisture out of the air while running your heater in cold months will inject fresh, dry air into the rooms.

Although it can be a scary proposition, mold prevention is easy with preventative measures. Stay vigilant about identifying possible sources of mold, then fight them as soon as you find any. You’ll be glad you did when your rental stays fresh and healthy year-round.

3 Tips for Performing an Emergency Drill at Your Business

7/13/2021 (Permalink)

People escape to fire exit door Conducting a fire drill means protecting your employees.

How Do You Prepare For A Fire Drill At Work

Safety is probably a big priority for you as a Lake Balboa, CA, business owner. Proper safety practices can protect your customers, employees and property in case of a crisis, including knowing how to evacuate your building when necessary. Whether you want to conduct a fire drill or teach your employees how to leave the building in case of a power outage, there are several planning strategies that may help you do so.

1. Talk About Different Disaster Scenarios

Before you conduct an emergency drill, get together with your employees and talk about different scenarios and how likely they are to happen inside or near your building. Consider exit strategies for a gas leak, a tornado warning or severe flooding. Each plan may be different depending on the number of exits in your building, as well as their location.

2. Tour the Building Together

Give your employees a tour of the building, even if they have worked there for some time. Refresh them on where the emergency exits are, whether they should use the elevator in a given situation, and how to avoid getting trapped on an upper floor. This can be especially important during a fire, as smoke and heat tend to rise quickly. Include a flood and fire damage technician from a storm cleanup and renovation service in on the tour if possible so he or she can point out possible problems that may prevent people from exiting.

3. Perform the Drill

On the day of the fire drill, make sure everyone participates. Have someone time how quickly everyone leaves the building and whether they follow the appropriate plans. If you are not happy with the results you can always repeat the process in a few weeks until you feel positive everyone can leave the building safely in the event of a disaster.

Conducting a fire drill at your Lake Balboa, CA, business can give you peace of mind that you are doing everything possible to protect your employees. Remember to repeat the drill every so often to keep everyone up to speed on evacuation plans.

Seeking Financial Assistance for a Commercial Fire? Here's How To File A Fire Claim

6/18/2021 (Permalink)

Visible damage to a commercial building following a structure fire Commercial fire damage in Van Nuys South, CA.

Here's How To File A Fire Claim

Sparks start small, but those tiny embers can cause severe devastation. Commercial owners in Van Nuys South, CA, are likely to face high bills during restoration efforts. Owners rarely have ten to twenty thousand dollars set aside for repairs. By filing a fire claim with your insurance company, proprietors can seek coverage to alleviate the burden.

1. Seek Help ASAP
Insurers have two purposes: to assist clients and to evaluate the accuracy of claims. It's imperative to seek compensation quickly, showing good faith and solid effort. Be clear about the date and time for the fire. Provide report information, and ask about insurance policies for how to proceed.

2. Focus on Mitigating Secondary Conditions
Don't wait for a check to arrive in the mail. Your agent appreciates proactive approaches that keep the overall costs low. Your property demands immediate action to prevent additional damage. Work with a fire restoration company to mitigate further concerns and secure the location. The team should begin assessing moisture problems, working to avoid mold development. They may also tear out structural pieces that pose a hazard.

3. Secure the Facility
The agency desires responsibility. This goes a long way to backing your fire claim. Safeguard the building. The fire burnt holes in the walls and ceiling. These should be tarped and boarded up to avoid unwanted visitors. Animals and humans often find fire-ravaged spaces intriguing. Trespassers are a significant issue. If someone gets hurt, the injured party could sue.

3. Create an Effective Organizational System
The next few months are going to be busy, and the paperwork is going to build. Maintain clear communication with the insurance company and provide thorough documentation of fire damage. Think about how you plan to store receipts and photos.
Capture images of everything, and write out an inventory list of anything replaced. Share records for lost income as well as the price of temporarily relocating. Some policies offer help in these areas too.
A fire claim is a lifeline for many business owners, creating an opportunity to rise from the ashes and begin again without having to face expensive loans and long-time bills. Be sure to get organized and document as much as possible.

We're Here for Valley Glen Businesses During Changing Times | SERVPRO® of Van Nuys South

3/17/2021 (Permalink)

a crew of SERVPRO employees in PPE gear walking inside commercial building If you need cleaning assistance at your business, we’re here. Contact SERVPRO of Van Nuys South to learn more.

Here’s an important question our team would like to ask Valley Glen business owners. You’ll probably be able to answer it immediately.

Have you made drastic changes in the way you operate your business over the past year?

If you said, “yes,” you aren’t alone. The majority of business owners have been searching for new ways to connect and interact with customers and clients since the pandemic began. Given everything that’s happened over the past 12 months, that’s understandable.

Many people who own and operate a business would also say that these changes have been stressful at times. That’s understandable, too. We’ve never been asked to rethink how we do live, interact and do business in such a short time before now.

Not everything has changed, though. SERVPRO teams here in Van Nuys are supporting you. So is the rest of the community. And that makes all the difference.

So, whether you’ve decided that home offices and digital services are the way to go or if you’ve opted to open the doors to your business again for in-person connections, our technicians are here for you.

Tips for Business Owners in Changing Times

You can connect with powerful resources, including business loans and tips, advise and more from sources you can trust.

As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to keep your employees and the customers you serve safer when it’s time to open your doors. That’s where our team comes in.

We’re here to ensure your business is “Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.” What does that mean? Here’s what to know:

The process begins when we consult with you about your business’ needs and put together an individualized cleaning plan.

Then, we’ll get to work and clean your space. Our technicians use a high-level system to ensure you’re ready for customers. We use proprietary EPA-Approved Hospital-Grade cleaning solutions. Plus, we use cleaning and decontamination standards directly from the CDC.

Finally, we’ll certify your space. That means you (and your customers) can rest assured that you’re ready to be open for business.

If you need cleaning assistance at your business, we’re here. We have crews who are available 247 in the event of an emergency.  Contact us at any time to learn more about our cleaning services and how we can help you.

Keeping Your Business Compliant With Fire Safety | SERVPRO® of Van Nuys South

11/3/2020 (Permalink)

Fire safety is something that everyone should be concerned with both at work and at home, but if you own your own business, it should be even more of a priority. Not only can a fire cause serious damage to your building and equipment, but it can also put you and your staff in harm’s way. It is better to be prepared and as safe as possible than risk having a fire catch you off guard. Below, we will look at some of the most important fire safety tips to incorporate into your business operations so you can be certain you are practicing fire safety adequately.

Make Sure You Are Meeting OSHA’s Fire Standards

Depending on what industry and type of building you are in, OSHA will have specific standards your business should adhere to in regards to fire safety. This should be where you start to make sure you are upholding all of their requirements to keep your business safe.

Have the Proper Number (and Type) of Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are a must-have for any business, especially if your building has flammable materials, electronics or an employee kitchen. Make sure you choose an extinguisher that is the proper class for the fire hazards you might be likely to encounter in the workplace and that you have briefed all your employees on how to properly use them.

Have an Evacuation Plan and Practice Regularly

You should have an evacuation plan in place in case a fire does break out in the building so you and your staff can quickly get to safety. Be sure every area has at least two clear pathways to get out of the building and designate a meeting spot outside so you can do a headcount of your staff. Host regular fire drills so everyone can practice the protocol often—this can prevent panicking and make the evacuation process go much more smoothly in a real-world scenario.

If your commercial space is damaged by a fire, we are here to help. Contact us at any hour to learn more about what sets us apart, or use our 24/7 emergency line to report the damage. 

Planning Ahead to Recover From a Disaster at Your Business | SERVPRO® of Van Nuys South

10/23/2020 (Permalink)

insurance policies binders and pen sitting on black table in large conference room SERVPRO of Van Nuys South is your go-to in case a disaster occurs. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Planning ahead is something that business owners understand the importance of inherently, but when the concern to be planned for is more abstract, it can be difficult to prioritize. That is why many business owners fail to plan for natural disasters—but those who do not can be devastated by their impact. While it is impossible to know when and how a disaster might happen, knowing the details of how you will recover is key.

One of the most important things you can do is to prioritize the safety of yourself and your staff, which is why we always recommend beginning with your emergency plan. After this, however, planning for recovery is wise. Thinking through the insurance process, creative ways to generate revenue and qualifying for financial assistance can all go a long way in getting your doors reopened.

After a Disaster Strikes Your Business, Know What to Do

Contact your insurance agent and your restoration company. Every commercial policy will vary in regards to what disaster-related damages are covered, so contacting your agent quickly after you discover what damage has occurred is key to getting your claims process started. From there, contact your commercial restoration company right away so they can begin handling the damages and preventing secondary issues from arising.

Keep customers informed of changes. It is impossible to know if or how you will be able to continue operating in some capacity after a disaster, but regardless of the scenario, keeping your customers informed is key. If you are able to do partial service or fulfill online orders of gift cards or other products, letting them know via social media is key to getting all the support you can.

Research your financial assistance options. The impact from lost revenue on top of damages puts most businesses in a precarious situation, which is why the disaster loan offerings from the Small Business Administration can be so impactful. After a disaster, applying for a loan is a great way to gain extra funds during a difficult time.

If your business has been damaged due to a disaster, we’re here to help. Contact us at any hour to report your damage or to learn more about our commercial restoration services.

Is your business emergency ready?

9/17/2020 (Permalink)

How quickly your company can get back to business after a tornado, fire, or flood often depends on the emergency planning done today. The regular occurrence of natural disasters demonstrates the importance of being prepared for any emergency. While each situation is unique, your organization can be better prepared if you plan carefully, put emergency procedures in place, and practice for all kinds of emergencies. The following are basic measures business owners and managers can take to begin preparing. A commitment to begin planning today will help support your employees, customers, the community, local economy, and even the country. It also protects your business investment and gives your company a better chance for survival.

Develop a Business Continuity Plan Your organization's risk needs will vary depending on the specific industry, size, scope, and location. Begin by reviewing your business process flow chart, if one exists, to identify operations critical to survival and recovery. Carefully assess your internal and external functions to determine which staff, materials, procedures, and equipment are absolutely necessary to keep the business operating. You should also establish procedures for succession of management.

Review Insurance Coverage Inadequate insurance coverage can lead to major financial loss if your business is damaged, destroyed, or simply interrupted for a period of time. Insurance policies vary; check with your agent or provider about things such as physical losses, flood coverage, and business interruption. Understand what your policy does and does not cover.

Prepare Your Emergency Plan Your employees and co-workers are your businesses' most valuable asset. Communication is central before, during, and after a disaster. Include emergency information in newsletters, on your company intranet, in periodic employee e-mails and/or other communication tools.

Practice the Emergency Plan Some disasters will require employees to leave the workplace quickly. The ability to evacuate workers, consumers, and visitors effectively can save lives. If your business operates out of more than one location, establish evacuation procedures for each individual building. If your company is in a high-rise building, an industrial park, or even a strip mall, it is important to coordinate and practice with other tenants or businesses to avoid confusion and potential gridlock.

Secure Your Facility and Equipment Install fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, and detectors in appropriate places. Secure all entry and exit points and plan for mail safety. Plan what you will do if your building, plant, or store is not usable. Secure valuable equipment.

Improve Cyber Security Protecting your data and information systems may require specialized expertise, but even the smallest business can be better prepared. Use anti-virus software and keep it up-to-date. Don't open emails from unknown sources. Use hard-to-guess passwords. Protect your computer from intruders by using firewalls. Back up your computer data and download security protection updates known as patches regularly.

Restoring your Commercial Property? We're here to help!

9/16/2020 (Permalink)

Flooding and water damage events at Van Nuys commercial properties are often complex with numerous issues that require a knowledgeable and flexible response. Whether we’re dealing with a relatively small water cleanup scenario or a large scale event, we work quickly to assess each unique situation and isolate the damaged area. In many instances, normal operations can continue in a temporary space while we restore your facility.

Restoring Commercial Properties Presents Unique Challenges

Our professionals are trained to be mindful of legal and environmental concerns and strive to fully restore the damaged area while working within your budgetary constraints. We understand that every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call and we’ll be there fast with the help you need.

About SERVPRO of Van Nuys South

SERVPRO of Van Nuys South specializes in the cleanup and restoration of commercial and residential property after a water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

3 Actions That May Be Necessary After a Fire at Your Business

9/11/2020 (Permalink)

3 Actions That May Be Necessary After a Fire at Your Business

When a fire impacts your Van Nuys, CA, business, the aftermath can be difficult to endure. Smoke damage, standing water from fire hoses, and charred building materials may make cleanup feel overwhelming. While the process can be daunting, there are a few actions you can take that may put you and your business on the path to recovery.

1. Call a Restoration Service
Soot damage to your inventory, office equipment, and carpeting can be difficult to remove with everyday cleansers, so calling in a mitigation and restoration service to assist you may be an effective first step after a fire at your business. Cleaning technicians may take some information over the phone, including the size of the fire, how many floors were damaged, and whether you need restoration services for documents that were affected by soot and water.

2. Secure the Property
If you have fire damaged doors and windows, you may want to board up open entryways to discourage further issues like theft and poor weather conditions, including wind and rain. Consider moving undamaged inventory and equipment to a secure location for storage until these problems are repaired and to protect them from smoke damage.

3. Meet With Cleanup Technicians
Once your smoke cleaning and restoration technicians arrive, they will likely survey the entire property and give you service options that may include the removal and replacement of damaged carpeting and other building materials, the removal of smoke odors and soot cleaning and water cleanup. Your technicians may also offer you a walk through of the restoration process and estimates so you can plan a repair budget before you reopen your business.
Smoke damage and other issues caused by a fire at your Van Nuys, CA, business can be difficult to remove on your own, especially if the fire affected a large area of the property. Working with a professional cleanup company and knowing which steps to take in the aftermath of a fire may help you get back on your feet quickly.

Starting Workplace Fire Evacuation Drills | SERVPRO® of Van Nuys South

6/24/2020 (Permalink)

red fire alarm hanging on gray concrete wall If your business experiences any fire damage, you can count on us. SERVPRO of Van Nuys South specializes in commercial fire restoration.

Preparing to handle changes and adversities that may face your business is a component of a business owners’ job, especially when it comes to emergency preparedness. Workplace fires occur often enough that they should be considered in your emergency planning efforts, especially because of how devastating they can be.

Considering all the fire safety information out there makes it difficult to know where to start, so we always suggest starting with safety as your signpost. Creating a system for workplace fire drills is perhaps the most important thing you can do for you and your staff’s safety, as you will equip everyone to calmly and quickly exit the building if flames begin.

Creating a System for Workplace Fire Drills

Consult with your local fire officials. You have so many options for online research regarding workplace fire safety, but make use of your local resources as well to create the most effective plan. You can often get in touch with your local fire department for personalized recommendations on evacuation routes and other safety measures based on the specifics of your buildings.

Communicate and mark fire evacuation routes. Once you have consulted the local fire department regarding the best escape pathways, mark them clearly and alert staff of the upcoming drill. Preparing everyone for the drill will make it go much more smoothly, as your staff can study the evacuation routes ahead of time instead of making decisions in the moment.

Have fire drills frequently. Having fire drills too often could make them lose their impact, but they should occur with enough frequency that the lessons learned in them are not forgotten. Many businesses find doing drills quarterly or even every six months to be a good level of practice for their organizations.

Run different fire scenarios. Workplace fires can be unpredictable, as they can be caused by numerous things—something your fire drills should reflect. Change up the routes and exits you have employees use in the drills so they become familiar with all of them and can make quick decisions in a real situation.

If your business has experienced fire damage, you can count on us. We specialize in commercial fire restoration and will be here for you at any hour—contact us today.

Determine How Prepared Your Business Is for an Emergency | SERVPRO® of Van Nuys South

3/19/2020 (Permalink)

office furniture and supplies submerged under water in an office room Taking measures to reduce the time that your business is closed is crucial for any company. Let SERVPRO of Van Nuys South be your partner in the resto

Planning ahead is a skill that is essential for business owners, but it should not simply be reserved for operational considerations.

Making sure that your business is prepared for a disaster is one of the best ways to ensure you can recover from one—many businesses find themselves devastated due to damages and unable to reopen their doors. With disaster preparation, however, you can help lessen the risk of this happening to you.

There are many things to consider when it comes to being prepared, so to avoid it being an overwhelming task, we have separated our top tips into three main categories. Staying organized is the key to understanding where you are adequately prepared and where you should strengthen your efforts so you can protect your investment.

Your Commercial Insurance Coverage

Commercial insurance policies are a must for business owners, but they are still often inadequate for the damages a disaster can cause. Many commercial policies are still not large enough to cover the damage, on top of excluding common culprits, such as any damage caused by flooding, and the most difficult aspects for businesses such as a loss in revenue. Determining exactly what is covered in your policy and purchasing extra insurance where needed is a smart first step to preparedness.

Your Emergency Plan and Supply Kit

When an emergency or disaster is imminent, there are often only moments to react and get to safety—which is why an evacuation plan is essential. You should practice executing your plan with staff so everyone knows exactly what to do in the event of an emergency. Additionally, pack an emergency supply kit to keep in the office in case you must await help for whatever reason.

Your Plan for Restoration and Recovery

Keeping your doors closed while you recover from the disaster can be devastating, as it creates an interruption in cash flow that many businesses simply cannot afford. By planning ahead and choosing your commercial restoration company in advance, however, you can start the restoration process right away and cut down on the time the process takes. Additionally, look into the disaster assistance offered by the Small Business Administration to help you obtain liquid capital during revenue interruptions.

If your business has been impacted by a disaster, you can contact us 247 for guidance on how to begin the commercial restoration process.

Understanding Industry Specific Fire Risks for Your Business | SERVPRO® of Van Nuys South

2/21/2020 (Permalink)

a green exit sign surrounded by flames If your business has experienced a fire, call SERVPRO of Van Nuys South. We provide a full service from mitigation to restoration.

There are so many risks that a business can be exposed to throughout the course of its life, and it is vital that business owners are cognizant of the risks specific to their situation. One of the most commonly underestimated risks for businesses is a commercial fire. These can devastate businesses, and in many cases, force permanent closures.

One of the smartest things that business owners can do to combat this is to understand the risks specific to their industry in order to practice preparedness in a strategic way. Knowing what fire dangers your business is likely to face will help you plan ahead and take measured steps to prevent an emergency and protect your investment.

Planning for Industry Specific Fire Risks

  1. Identify your specific risks. Not every industry will face the same fire risks, so you should know exactly what yours might be to begin your planning. For restaurants, cooking fires are generally the most common cause of fires, while factories might be more concerned with chemical reactions or equipment short-circuits. Regardless of what risks you might face, it is important to put in the effort to identify them so you can make more informed planning decisions.
  2. Increase safety measures with these things in mind. Now that you know where and why fires are most likely to break out in your business, you can begin to plan strategically to prevent them. Increasing necessary safety measures is a smart first step here—for example, adding more accessible fire extinguishers near grills or fryers, or installing sprinklers and extra fire detection equipment near machinery can go a long way in stopping a fire quickly once it starts.
  3. Involve your staff in your fire safety planning. As you work to take more fire safety measures, be sure to include your staff in the process for best results. Go over your fire safety plan with them so everyone knows key information such as where fire extinguishers are located and how to perform a quick evacuation if need be. By involving your staff in your efforts, you can create a safer and more prepared workplace for everyone.

If your business has experienced a fire, we’re here 24/7 to respond and begin restoration. Call us today to learn how we can help you.

A Guide to Business’ Flood Preparedness | SERVPRO® of Van Nuys South

10/24/2019 (Permalink)

flooding in large room with staircase partially submerged in water A flood can happened when you least expect it. If your business experiences any water damage, contact SERVPRO of Van Nuys South. We will work quickly

Even for business owners who are not located on a historic floodplain, it is crucial that they prepare for flooding. It has been reported that over 90% of natural disasters involve flooding, meaning they are more likely to happen than most think.

Increasing the safety of yourself and employees is the most important aspect of flood preparedness, but it can also be valuable for the continued success as well. By preparing the right documents in advance, you will be prepared to begin the reopening process right away.

How Businesses Can Be More Prepared

The information regarding preparing for floods might seem overwhelming, but we’ve assembled some of the most important tips in one easy place:

  • Use FEMA’s website to access their Flood Map to view your annual risk factor and other important information specific to your location.
  • Use the list below to determine what documents to copy and safely store.
  • Provide regular training on the official Emergency Action Plan for employees.
  • Have regular drills where you and all personnel complete an emergency escape.
  • Talk with your insurance agent about flood insurance as it is not always included with regular business policies.
  • Make sure your office emergency kit is stocked and any food stores are not expired.
  • Use elevated surfaces for computers so they are out of the water’s pathway.
Document Protection and Flood Preparedness

Having the right documents on hand can have a big impact on how quickly you can reopen following a flood. Here are the best paperwork pieces to keep stored safely away:

  • All the checklists and tasks necessary to complete for reopening
  • Contact information for anyone you should check in with, such as staff and vendors
  • The information regarding your insurance agent and flood insurance, if applicable
  • Backup recovery guides for computer files
  • Financial paperwork such as leasing information, tax return copies and other information

If your business has experienced a flood, we are always here to help. Call us 247 to get our team of professionals to your business quickly so you can get back on track.

Solving disasters for Corporate, Industrial and Apartment properties

10/17/2019 (Permalink)

Corporate buildings, Industrial facilities and Apartment complexes are all exposed to natural disasters including fires, flooding from storms and Plumbing leaks. These emergencies require immediate attention so as to avoid the problem from getting worse. Once the problem is solved, we ensure that your property and its contents are thoroughly checked and cleaned before re-use. This is where SERVPRO of Van Nuys South comes in. We’re the fastest to respond and the first to action! Our technicians are highly trained and we use best equipment in the restoration industry. Because of this you save money and you save down time. This allows you to get back up and running before you know it, like it never even happened.

  • Air conditioning HVAC units can, and do leak and cause water damage and the growth of dangerous mold to threaten your facility and the health of employees, not to mention slowing or even halting your company’s production stream.
  • Water leaks caused by underground tree roots nearby can disrupt your operations.
  • Smoke damage can render a properly uninhabitable ever if a nearby fire didn’t directly affect your building. Items like carpets, walls, ceilings, electronics and woodwork, not to mention sensitive proprietary documents can be destroyed from damage caused by smoke unless properly handled in a timely manner. In addition the HVAC system and ductwork are restored from any allergens, soot, and ashes that may be out of plain sight. 
  • Landslides from higher terrain have devastated the lower lying properties.
  • Whether damage is caused by water intrusion or smoke/fire, our technical skills and know how with regard to structural drying and/or odor control will give you peace of mind.
  • Insurance Company’s and Insurance Adjusters? We’ve got you covered. SERVPRO of Van Nuys South works very closely with all insurance companies which makes your entire restoration process painless. 

Services SERVPRO of Van Nuys South handles include; Commercial Water Damage Restoration, Commercial Fire Damage Restoration, Commercial Mold Remediation, Commercial Storm and Flash Flooding and Disaster Recovery Assistance. These emergency response services are given to name a few for; Property Management & HOA’s, Retail Facilities, Education Facilities, Healthcare Facilities, Hospitality Facilities, Food Service Facilities, Entertainment Facilities, Sports Arenas, Government Offices, Banks, etc. 

Did you know? Since 1969 SERVPRO is the leader in disaster restoration offering the best customer service backed by the highest levels of equipment utilization and training. When you experience an unexpected disaster, SERVPRO of Van Nuys South is your best solution.

24/7 Emergency Service

(818) 780-7111

Common Culprits for Hidden Water Damage | SERVPRO® of Van Nuys South

9/23/2019 (Permalink)

water damage and flooding on kitchen tile Every water disaster is different. SERVPRO of Van Nuys South will ensure that each water mitigation job is done correctly and completely. Give SERVPRO

For water damage to occur, extreme rains and heavy flooding are not required. There are quite a few reasons water damage can occur in a home, often going unnoticed in inconspicuous places.

Hidden water damage can be costly to treat, because of how long it takes to find. Water damage claims are over $6,000 on average, and that does not account for the fact that most insurance companies will not extend coverage for water-related claims. Keeping tabs on the common culprits for hidden water damage will help ensure that the problem does not continue for long without being noticed.

Where to Check for Hidden Water Damage

  • Windowsills. While windows themselves are not often privy to leaks, the seal around them can be. The seal joining them to the exterior wall can weaken with time, allowing water to seep underneath.

  • Joints in siding. Siding panel joints typically found where panels overlap or at corners can let water in, allowing it to cause damage to the plywood underneath.

  • Under metal threshold plates. The metal plate over a threshold does not serve as a weather sealer, meaning the wood underneath can become soft and swollen with water over time.

  • Painted exterior elements. When there are layers of paint atop one another, there can be micro-gaps that allow water to come between the layers and cause issues.

  • Dishwasher cubbies. Dishwashers are not typically moved from their cubby until they are replaced, and homeowners are often surprised by years-old water damage at that time.

  • Walls in the bathroom. Water pipes can develop slight leaks that turn into big problems, leading to water spots and discoloration on the walls.

  • The seals of the toilet. As the seals inside a toilet weaken, they can drip water onto the floor below, resulting in a wobble that occurs as the wood grows softer.

If your home has suffered water damage (even in a hidden place like one of these), we are happy to help! Give us a call right away, and we’ll get there quickly.

Our Professionals Can Restore Your Van Nuys Apartment Building To Pre-Damage Condition After A Water Damage Incident

9/18/2019 (Permalink)

An apartment building can sustain water damage because of burst pipes. The water can ruin flooring, walls, ceilings and the possessions of your tenants. Water in an apartment building can also force multiple tenants into hotels if it pools in the adjoining apartments.

Water can also have a safety impact on the apartment building if it enters electrical fittings and a health impact if mold grows. Commercial water damage repair in your Van Nuys apartment building requires a knowledgeable and experienced company to be confident that your tenants are comfortable and safe. The SERVPRO team has experience with water damage restoration of any size and is ready to assist you in restoring your apartment building.

Dealing with water loss is stressful, especially when the comfort of other people depends on how you deal with it. Our technicians know that the well-being of your tenants is important to you. Some tenants may be impatient or put out of their dwelling until we can repair the damage. We can remove the water and dry your building quickly to minimize the inconvenience to you and your tenants.

Our SERVPRO technicians also know that apart from the initial structural damage from the water loss itself, it is likely for more permanent structural damage to occur if water enters the structure of the building. It can jeopardize the integrity of the foundation and materials. Cosmetic damage like yellowing may also cause stains and reduce the market value of an apartment building. We can clean up the water quickly to prevent this from happening.

We have state-of-the-art equipment like truck-mounted vacuum units and pumps that remove water efficiently. We also have humidification and air moving equipment that enables us to dry the affected areas thoroughly. Air movers create airflow across carpeting, pads, and furniture to speed up the evaporation of moisture. Our technicians can also use hygrometers and moisture detectors to monitor the drying process to ensure proper moisture removal in your apartment building. We can also use infrared cameras to find moisture that may not be apparent behind ceilings and walls.

When there is water damage in your apartment building, SERVPRO of Van Nuys South is ready to assist you to extract the water and dry the affected units. Contact us today at 818-780-7111 for restoration services.

SERVPRO: Your Experts in Commercial Water Damage

8/13/2019 (Permalink)

If you have recently become a victim of commercial water damage, you may be wondering what you can do to mitigate your damages. There is a critical period in which certain actions must be taken to preserve as much of your property as possible and to decrease any health risks when water damage has occurred in a commercial space. Preparing a Space for Water Damage Restoration before you enter your commercial space, or any flooded building, you will need to make sure the electrical power to the structure is shut off. You should also be aware that during a flooding event, small animals or reptiles tend to seek shelter inside of buildings. Be prepared to deal with the discovery of wild animals in your space. Protect yourself from entering any flooded building by wearing an organic vapor respirator. You can purchase these at any local paint and building supply stores. You also want to have rubber gloves, protective clothing, and eye protection. The first thing you should do is ventilate the affected areas by opening the windows and placing fans where possible. Unfortunately, there likely will be items that you need to throw away. Any items that are porous and have absorbed contaminated floodwater cannot be restored. If your commercial space has drywall, mattresses, pillows, box springs, particle board, carpets or carpet pads, these will need to be discarded if they have become saturated. However, there is good news: If you have clothing or household fabrics that can be machine-washed, you may be able to salvage them. Use your washing machine to clean these items with a 10-minute soak at minimum in hot water with detergent. The soap and normal wash should remove most of the contamination and any staining that is present. Be aware that your commercial space will need a thorough professional inspection, cleaning and possibly restructuring. Water damaged walls and installation must be removed and repaired, and pockets of saturation should be exposed for drying and sanitizing. Always remember that mold growth could take a few days to appear as it thrives in a moist environment with organic-type materials such as paper or particle board and in temperatures that range between 60 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep good airflow throughout the interior environment, and maintain moderate temperatures to decrease the risk of any mold growth. It is also important that you let your space dry out before any rebuilding occurs.

What should you do when your business floods?

8/9/2019 (Permalink)

Imagine waking up in the morning and going about your normal routine. You get out of bed and stretch out the drowsiness. Rub the sleep out of your eyes. Head to the bathroom brush your teeth,wash your face and get ready for the day. And as you're making your coffee you receive a call from the commercial building owner at your business to inform you that a pipe has just burst! And your entire livelihood is covered in water. The floor is up to four inches in water and counting!

What should you do?

Here at SERVPRO of Van Nuys South we understand that disasters can happen at the drop of a hat or in this case at the burst of a pipe!

Here are a few steps to help guide you through this stressful situation.

  1. Gather your insurance information.

  You would be surprised at the number of business owners that do not know their policy details and at disastrous times such as these it is very important to have your insurance information on hand and ready to go!

   2. Remain Calm & Call SERVPRO of Van Nuys South

At SERVPRO of Van Nuys South we strive to fully restore the damaged area in a prompt and professional manner. We understand that every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call and we’ll be there fast with the help you need.

Smoke And Fire Curtains

8/5/2019 (Permalink)

Fire and Smoke Curtains for Commercial Buildings

Fire and smoke control is an integral part of a fire safety and prevention system. Between detecting a fire and extinguishing it, there is an opportunity to reduce the impact of a fire by getting it under control. This is best done through the use of fire and/or smoke curtains.

Fire and smoke curtains deploy from the ceiling of a building, forming a barrier between doorways, rooms, staircases and elevators. This barrier cuts off air flow and limits the smoke to only those rooms affected.

Deployable curtains compartmentalize smoke and limit fire spread to enable building occupants more time to egress from a building. This limits damage to the building and allows firefighters to more quickly find, access and extinguish the fire.

After a fire is detected and curtains or other control systems deploy, the final step of extinguishing takes place. This can be an active approach, such as a trained employee using a fire extinguisher, or a passive approach, such as an automated sprinklers system. Sprinklers systems are a vital piece of equipment and, when combined with fire and smoke curtains, they can quickly stop an otherwise deadly fire.

Fire prevention is a critical component of commercial building management. If you're concerned with your system or haven't had it inspected within the last year, we strongly consider hiring a professional inspector to review your building. If your building is deemed safe, move onto staff fire safety training as well as the installation of additional fire safety equipment like Smoke Guard Fire and Smoke Curtains.

What Every Employer Should Know

8/5/2019 (Permalink)

Look for Signs of Mold

With all of this attention, you may think that mold infestation is something new or uncommon. It is not. Mold is present in all buildings in some form and quantity. However, certain species of mold spores, in large enough concentrations, can be toxic. Although the health problems of mold exposure are in debate, there is literature tying some health effects to mold exposure. People with immune-compromised systems may experience permanent health effects.Physical symptoms related to exposure to mold or sick building syndrome include eye, nose and throat irritation; respiratory complaints; skin irritation; nausea; dizziness and fatigue. Alert your human resources department and/or office manager to be aware of any such symptoms. If numerous employees complain, or if employees complain of moldy smells, put the building owner on notice and request an investigation. If you own the building, consider hiring an air quality investigator. Although these symptoms could result from other factors, it is important to address them.

Look For the Cause

Mold needs water or moisture and oxygen to grow. Water does not have to flow into the building for there to be enough moisture to promote the growth of mold. Although one-time leaks or burst water pipes may not be a problem if repaired, even a one-time leak, if not properly addressed, can cause unacceptable mold growth. There are a number of potential causes of moisture or water entry:

  • Lack of building maintenance
  • Poor building design or construction
  • Using wet building materials
  • Leaky pipes, windows, or doors
  • Regular, or even one-time flooding
  • Simple plumbing mistakes
  • Excessive humidity and condensation
  • Improper landscaping design or maintenance outside the building, causing water to flow toward the building
  • Any other serious water related problem
  • Address Moisture or Water Issues Promptly

If your building is experiencing water penetration, consistent moisture or leaks, demand that the landlord investigate the cause and promptly provide you with an action plan. If the landlord does not act, put it on notice that you intend to act and that you will hold it responsible for the costs. Give notice to your insurer. Do the same if you are the building owner.

Call in professionals to make an assessment. To stop further mold growth, the landlord or you must investigate and fix the source of the water or moisture. Ask for the help of contractors, the building designer and environmental experts to assess, identify and repair the source. A number of companies investigate mold and will come up with action plans to address it. Responding to mold involves more than just determining and fixing the source of the water. Often several experts must be retained, including experts in toxicology and epidemiology. Expert testing may cost thousands of dollars. If mold is found in large enough concentrations, the building must be cleaned and remediated to ensure the safety of the occupants before they return. Once the problem is fixed, ask the expert to certify that the building is "clean," or demand such a certification from the landlord.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration | SERVPRO® of Van Nuys South

7/24/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage can feel catastrophic for a business or commercial building. In addition to fire, smoke and soot damage; water damage caused in firefighting efforts weighs heavily. We understand that every moment spend out of the office costs your business productivity and accumulates lost revenue. If you have a fire emergency, call SERVPRO of Van Nuys South. We are fully equipped to handle any size loss.   

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  •  Faster to Any Size Disaster
  •  A Trusted Leader in the Fire and Water Restoration Industry
  • Highly trained Water and Fire Damage Specialists 

We will put you back into business with the expertise and professionalism that you can only get with SERVPRO of Van Nuys South. Our team is licensed and certified to ensure that your restoration needs are fully met. 

Restoring Your Van Nuys Commercial Property After A Water Damage Event

5/9/2018 (Permalink)

Air mover and dehumidifier drying a wall Commercial Water Damage Events Present Unique Challenges

Flooding and water damage events at Van Nuys commercial properties are often complex with numerous issues that require a knowledgeable and flexible response. Whether we’re dealing with a relatively small water cleanup scenario or a large scale event, we work quickly to assess each unique situation and isolate the damaged area. In many instances, normal operations can continue in a temporary space while we restore your facility.

Restoring Commercial Properties Presents Unique Challenges

Our professionals are trained to be mindful of legal and environmental concerns and strive to fully restore the damaged area while working within your budgetary constraints. We understand that every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call and we’ll be there fast with the help you need.

About SERVPRO of Van Nuys South

SERVPRO of Van Nuys South specializes in the cleanup and restoration of commercial and residential property after a water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.